How was school today?

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I get in from work at 7.30 pm tonight.  It’s bedtime.  I go upstairs to tuck Natan in.

Me: How was school today?

Natan: Good

Me: What did you do?

Natan: Oh, the usual stuff.

Me: What’s the usual stuff?

Natan: Oh, you know…

Me: No, I don’t. That’s why I’m asking.

Natan:  Just stuff.  Lego.  Writing my name.  Do you want to know what I had for lunch?

Me: Yes, what did you have for lunch?

Natan: Carrots, potatoes, tuna, and gravy.

Me: Right, sounds lovely.

Natan: Yes, healthy lunch.

Me: Right. What did you have for pudding?

Natan: Some kind of crispy cake, but I didn’t like that so I didn’t eat it. It was yellow.

Me: Right.

Natan: You wouldn’t have liked it either mummy.

Me: Right.

Bedtime conversations. Priceless.


Blatant namedropping

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Okay, so it’s not Eric Cantona round my house for a cup of tea , but I enjoyed being waited on by Blackburn Rovers’ David Dunn at Celebrity Grilling on Sunday night.

Have a look here.

We are live…

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If you haven’t yet seen the shiny brand new Journey9 UK website , go and have a look.

This year’s been a whirlwind.  I can’t believe we are planning our first birthday party already – where did 2010 go?

Mummy, have I got asthma?

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“Mummy, have I got asthma?” (pronounced asma)

“Yes, you sometimes get asthma.”

“But mummy. Have I got asthma now?” (pronounced asma)

“No darling. Not now.”

“Good” (Huge relief.)

“Why darling? Why good?”

“Because if you have asthma, (pronounced asma) you can’t be a soldier.”

“Oh right. Who told you that?”

“Daddy. Daddy said when he was little he wanted to be a soldier, but because he had asthma (pronounced asma) he couldn’t go in the army.”

“So you want to be a soldier?”

“Yes mummy.”

(Right then.)

Journey9 is growing

Posted in business, Journey9 UK, work on October 1, 2010 by laurawolfe

We are recruiting at Journey9.

If you are mad enough to want to work with us, then have a look at the Join us page on our brand new website.  

We’d love to hear from you.

Tomorrow’s the Big day

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Tomorrow Natan finally starts “Big School”.

I cried when I picked him up from his last ever day at nursery today. The reality of the situation finally hit me.  He, on the other hand, took it all in his stride and bounced off as if it was any normal pick up.

I have no idea what sort of fool of myself I will make tomorrow, but I imagine it’s going to be quite a scene. I will try and save it for when I get back in the car at least.  

Tonight I have ironed on name labels to every piece of clothing he owns (almost).  Am I over the top putting his name in his pants and socks?  Oh well, too late. It’s done. 

Tomorrow I will drop him off, kiss him goodbye, and watch him walk off to the first day of the rest of his life. Time will flash in front of me and I will imagine him starting at secondary school, at university, getting married, etc, etc.

I will try to savour the moment.  After all, it’s a big day.

Tomorrow my small boy will become a big boy.

Things I have learnt this week and it’s only Wednesday…

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  1. If you drop your Blackberry in the toilet at 2am, do not shout, “S**t”, run to the bedroom, turn on the hairdryer and panic.  Instead…. calmly remove said item from the toilet bowl, dry phone off, take off battery, remove sim card and media card.  Proceed directly to the kitchen. Find some rice. Place phone in plastic sandwich bag, pour in rice (uncooked), zip bag up.  Put bag in airing cupboard and leave for approx 30 hours.  Remove bag and clean off rice, some of which will now have embeded itself in phone. Replace sim card, media card and battery and hey presto – good as new. Result (for me at least)
  2. I can manage 30 hours without my mobile phone (difficult and I bit all the skin around my nails, but I did not actually die so everyone’s a winner)
  3. Sometimes being a working mummy is hard, especially when you have big projects on at work and your little boy is growing up and starting school in the same week. Tomorrow he will start full time. I will drop him off and immediately jump on the train to London for an overnight, missing his first school pick up
  4. Sometimes running your own business is especially hard
  5. Sometimes I need a wife
  6. Sometimes life is just hard
  7. Oh and lastly, the weather in Manchester is beyond rubbish.

All that said, every day is a learning experience – good and bad – and as I said I’m still alive….which is good.

Have a great rest of week all.