29 Gifts – Day 3

This evening I came home from work exhausted. It’s been a stressful couple of months. There are changes afoot on that front, but more of that in January.

On the way home I stopped for cat food as otherwise the cats would starve. Could this count as my gift for the day?  Not really meaningful, so probably not.

No, I think my gift for today was dragging myself back out again even though I was exhausted and wanted to collapse in front of the TV after I’d put Natan to bed, to go to the  PTA meeting at nursery.  There were only a handful of parents there and you know what, I am glad I went. It is nice to feel like you are taking an active interest in nursery life and to feel like you belong.  I also feel like I’ve got something to add and can help.

I shared the 29 Gifts concept with the meeting and the pre-school children are going to take it on as part of their learning too.

So there you have it, that’s my gift for today.

Today I feel like a contributed to something important to my little boy and to his friends and the community in which he lives his life.

That felt good.


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