Le Tower2Tower

Yesterday we travelled back from Paris by train. Eurostar to Kings Cross and then Euston to Manchester.  It took around 6 hours door to door.

The previous Saturday, my husband Anthony, and a team of determined and rather insane cyclists, left Blackpool Tower for what would be a 600 mile charity ride to the Eiffel Tower.   It took 6 days.  They spent about 50 hours in the saddle in the wind, rain and sun.

They got through more food than I’ve ever seen anyone eat and they shared an experience that none of them will ever forget.  

They got through the week without complaint, with never even a  hint of doubt that each of them would not complete the trip. Every morning, they got up and got on their bikes without question.

To Anthony, Paul, Emma, Dave and Chris, congratulations.  You did it.  Thanks for letting me be part of  your journey.
To Jackie and Denise, they couldn’t have done it without your support.

To the rest of you, you can still donate here.  Please do.


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