How was school today?

I get in from work at 7.30 pm tonight.  It’s bedtime.  I go upstairs to tuck Natan in.

Me: How was school today?

Natan: Good

Me: What did you do?

Natan: Oh, the usual stuff.

Me: What’s the usual stuff?

Natan: Oh, you know…

Me: No, I don’t. That’s why I’m asking.

Natan:  Just stuff.  Lego.  Writing my name.  Do you want to know what I had for lunch?

Me: Yes, what did you have for lunch?

Natan: Carrots, potatoes, tuna, and gravy.

Me: Right, sounds lovely.

Natan: Yes, healthy lunch.

Me: Right. What did you have for pudding?

Natan: Some kind of crispy cake, but I didn’t like that so I didn’t eat it. It was yellow.

Me: Right.

Natan: You wouldn’t have liked it either mummy.

Me: Right.

Bedtime conversations. Priceless.


One Response to “How was school today?”

  1. the husband Says:

    Wow, you really connected with him tonight, I didn’t get past who would win in a fight, Darth Vadar or Boba Fet. To be fair it is a great question and deserves some careful thought. He also told me my lunch wasn’t very healthy.

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