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Blatant namedropping

Posted in charity, fame, football, Journey9 UK, manchester, work on October 5, 2010 by laurawolfe

Okay, so it’s not Eric Cantona round my house for a cup of tea , but I enjoyed being waited on by Blackburn Rovers’ David Dunn at Celebrity Grilling on Sunday night.

Have a look here.


Le Tower2Tower

Posted in charity, friends, holidays, sport on September 5, 2010 by laurawolfe
Yesterday we travelled back from Paris by train. Eurostar to Kings Cross and then Euston to Manchester.  It took around 6 hours door to door.

The previous Saturday, my husband Anthony, and a team of determined and rather insane cyclists, left Blackpool Tower for what would be a 600 mile charity ride to the Eiffel Tower.   It took 6 days.  They spent about 50 hours in the saddle in the wind, rain and sun.

They got through more food than I’ve ever seen anyone eat and they shared an experience that none of them will ever forget.  

They got through the week without complaint, with never even a  hint of doubt that each of them would not complete the trip. Every morning, they got up and got on their bikes without question.

To Anthony, Paul, Emma, Dave and Chris, congratulations.  You did it.  Thanks for letting me be part of  your journey.
To Jackie and Denise, they couldn’t have done it without your support.

To the rest of you, you can still donate here.  Please do.

Le Tower 2 Tower

Posted in charity, Uncategorized on July 4, 2010 by laurawolfe

On 28th August, six mad people will set off to cycle from Blackpool Tower to the Eifel Tower for charity.

One of those mad people is my husband, Anthony.

I’m helping to fundraise and Journey9 is supporting the team in their efforts.

Follow their journey here. Follow them on Twitter here. Join their Facebook page here.

Most importantly, donate here.

Please give generously.  Your support will help lots of children. Find out more about the charities the ride will support on any of the links above.

Thank you.

Haiti – A personal view

Posted in 29 Gifts, being a mum, charity, death, family, Haiti, israel, politics, religion, thoughts on life on January 17, 2010 by laurawolfe

Disaster brings out the best and the worst in people.

Over the past few days we have witnessed some of the most unimaginable scenes in recent history.  A whole country all but wiped out by a natural disaster. Tens of thousands of people missing or dead. A people lost. A country, already struggling before the earthquake, now in ruin.

I remember how I watched the aftermath of the tsunami in similar disbelief, staring at the television, trying (and failing) to hold back the tears. The stories of death, the stories of life, the stories of rescue, of loss, of hope, of despair, of bravery. 

Again I watch. Again I stare. Again I cry. Again I donate what I can to the DEC Appeal.  Again I try and find a meaning to this. Why? How? 

This time I kiss my precious son while he sleeps and count my blessings.  I think of the babies and children who will never again be kissed by their mothers. I think of the mothers who will never again kiss their babies.

Then I see a glimpse of hope in the horror.  The first baby to be born in the Field Hospital set up in Haiti by the Israel Defence Forces.  The mother calls the baby “Israel” after the people who saved her. I cry again.

I think of those from across so many nations in the world, trained for this very moment, who risk their own lives to help others. I am stunned by them. I am humbled by them. I am proud of them.

The rescue effort has been far from perfect. There are stories of aid not reaching those who need it most. There are many people in Haiti who have not yet had the help they so badly need.

Yet, what this terrible natural disaster has proven is that there is so much good in the world. There are people who care.

We must all do what we can.

29 Gifts Continued

Posted in 29 Gifts, charity, entertainment, sport, work on November 27, 2009 by laurawolfe

Today we raised almost £10,000 at the inaugural NSPCC Sporting Lunch in aid of the Manchester Child’s Voice Appeal.

I bought a book in the auction for Anthony signed by Michael Vaughan and Ian Stafford.  (I’ve been so busy lately and hardly been home so it was his good luck gift for starting his new job on Monday.)

Both Michael and Ian were really lovely and highly entertaining and both gave their time freely for the benefit of the charity.

A long and tiring day. I am exhausted and my feet are throbbing, but today’s gifts were pretty nice.

29 Gifts – Day 4

Posted in 29 Gifts, being a mum, charity, football, Manchester City on November 20, 2009 by laurawolfe

Well today is an easy one.  It’s Children in Need.

Natan was very excited to go to nursery this morning in his Ben 10 pyjamas and slippers.

I explained to him why he was able to go dressed like this and we put our donation in the collection box.

Tomorrow’s gift may be harder. Natan is off to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa and Anthony and I are off to Anfield to see  Manchester City play Liverpool.  I hope to watch in dignified silence (unlikely) and be understanding and friendly to the Liverpool fans (even more unlikely).  My apologies in advance for tomorrow’s behaviour.

29 Gifts – Day 3

Posted in 29 Gifts, being a mum, cats, charity, family, friends, thoughts on life on November 19, 2009 by laurawolfe

This evening I came home from work exhausted. It’s been a stressful couple of months. There are changes afoot on that front, but more of that in January.

On the way home I stopped for cat food as otherwise the cats would starve. Could this count as my gift for the day?  Not really meaningful, so probably not.

No, I think my gift for today was dragging myself back out again even though I was exhausted and wanted to collapse in front of the TV after I’d put Natan to bed, to go to the  PTA meeting at nursery.  There were only a handful of parents there and you know what, I am glad I went. It is nice to feel like you are taking an active interest in nursery life and to feel like you belong.  I also feel like I’ve got something to add and can help.

I shared the 29 Gifts concept with the meeting and the pre-school children are going to take it on as part of their learning too.

So there you have it, that’s my gift for today.

Today I feel like a contributed to something important to my little boy and to his friends and the community in which he lives his life.

That felt good.