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Le Tower 2 Tower

Posted in charity, Uncategorized on July 4, 2010 by laurawolfe

On 28th August, six mad people will set off to cycle from Blackpool Tower to the Eifel Tower for charity.

One of those mad people is my husband, Anthony.

I’m helping to fundraise and Journey9 is supporting the team in their efforts.

Follow their journey here. Follow them on Twitter here. Join their Facebook page here.

Most importantly, donate here.

Please give generously.  Your support will help lots of children. Find out more about the charities the ride will support on any of the links above.

Thank you.


Dinner season

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Event season is certainly in full swing.  Thankfully after a mad few weeks, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Natan has spent more time with his Grandparents this week than at home.

Last Thursday was the Insider Dealmakers Awards at Manchester Central.  This was closely followed on Saturday evening, by the Harold Riley Dinner at the Lowry Hotel in aid of the New Children’s Hospital Appeal.  The event was a huge success and raised almost £50,000 for the charity.  Then on Monday it was the Northwest Football Awards 2008, a fantastic evening full of famous footballing legends.  I could name drop at this point – I won’t – but I have done my fair share of celebrity spotting over the last week! 

Natan’s been great through all of this and has been enjoying all the attention from his Grandparents, but I am certainly looking forward to spending a bit more time with at home with him in December.

A mother’s love

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As a devoted and loving mother, I adore my son and would do absolutely anything to protect him. 

So, the news coverage over the last couple of days has been too much for me and I have had to switch off the television or stop reading the paper when the story of the 17-month old boy murdered by the very people who should have been protecting him has been covered.

I don’t want to say much more on the subject, because I simply can’t.  It is too awful to think about and too incredible to imagine.  Except this is a true story, not a fictional one, and a gorgeous little boy who lived a short life of pain and suffering is gone – at least he is now free from him misery.

Justice will never be done.  No one can bring him back or take his pain away. 

Who is responsible for this innocent’s death? 

The social workers and so-called healthcare professionals who visited the baby 60 times in 8 months and failed to protect him? 

The doctor who missed a broken back when she examined him and sent him home? 

The perpetrators of the murder who will no doubt be given new identities and be protected for the rest of their lives as if people knew who they were, someone would no doubt seek revenge for the child’s death? 

Or the mother who failed to behave as a mother and protect her son?

They are all responsible and all have to live with a little boy’s blood on their hands for the rest of their lives.

Why mummy?

Posted in being a mum, family, Uncategorized on November 10, 2008 by laurawolfe

Well, they’ve started.  I knew they were on the way and was actually quite looking forward to them, but now they are here, sometimes, just sometimes, I’d like five minutes without one.

“Why mummy?”,  “Why?”, “But why?”

“Why do the leaves fall off the trees?” 

“What’s that noise?”

“What’s that for?”

“What’s that do?”

“Is it getting very dark?”

“Cam I?” (We can’t say “can”, so it’s “cam”!) “Cam I touch the moon?”

“Am I getting big to drive the car yet mummy?”  He’s not even three yet – I’ve got fourteen years of that particular one!

The constant questions… and I mean constant. Some of which I can’t answer and even if I could I think the answers would be a bit too complicated for a three year old.

My mum asked Natan tonight if he ever stops asking questions.  He responded;  “No grandma, because I talk a lot.” 

That’s an understatement, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have a dream

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Today was a momentous day in history. 

It was one of those historical days that people will talk about for years to come.  Where were you when when JFK was shot?  Where were you when you heard Princess Diana had died? Where were you on 9/11?  Where were you when Barak Obama was elected the first African American President of the United States of America?  Many millions of Americans had a dream and today they began to realise it.

I woke up thinking about the enormity of it all.  Could this man change the world?  Could he make it a better place for our children and our grandchildren?  I spoke to my brother early this morning.  He moved to the States almost fifteen years ago with his family.  His excitement was infectious.  Below is the text of an email he sent today, which seems to sum things up better than I ever could.  He agreed to let me share it here:

To my family and a few of my closest friends,

A few months ago I became an American.  I felt a wave of emotion at the time as I thought about my Grandparents (two of whom were born here) and my Great Grandparents who lived as new immigrants in a different time and a different world.  Today, my family and my sister, Naomi’s family live as new immigrants in different parts of the world but we both live in countries where we are truly free to be whoever and whatever we want to be.

Becoming an American was bitter-sweet for at the time, I cannot say that I was entirely “proud to be an American”.  This morning, for the first time, I awoke thinking differently.  I am obviously not alone in believing that this is a defining moment in history.  Many people will wake up this morning thinking “what has happened to my country” for there are still many white Americans who believe that they have a right to more and who believe that America has a right to flex its powerful global muscles in whatever way the US establishment sees fit.  There will be still more Americans who wake up and say “what has happened that is different” because the bigotry and racism that still exists in many areas of American life, did not end last night.  But I can tell you what happened to America last night.  America came of age.  We are still such a young country and it’s feels like we turned 21 and finally became an adult.  As a child and an adolescent, we did things that made us and others proud but we also did things that were really bad.  While deep down we have always been a good global citizen, we have also done some mean and nasty things that we are not proud of.  We have acted like a spoilt child and we have tested the limits of our peers and the people who love us.  We have made those who came before us proud and we have done things that would make them turn in their graves.  But just like with any child, there came a point in time when we had a choice to make.  Were we going to allow our goodness to prevail and step out from the crowd to become a responsible, caring adult who will not only brings dignity to our own life but will also help others realize their own dreams.  America has been living the life of a wayward child but today it is clear that we’re actually “OK”.  And now the hard work really begins.

So this morning, as the latest generation in my family to be a “new immigrant”, I am optimistic.  I believe that we have started the process of ensuring that the old establishment who ran this country based upon a false sense of entitlement will eventually be marginalized.  Instead a new generation of Americans will emerge to take their place in the world and lead by example.  A generation that will one day see the world as a single community and the earth as something that we must take care of and preserve for the generations to come.

American ingenuity and goodness beat the system yesterday.  There is no doubt that were it not for the Internet and cell phones and a generation of Americans who were ready and willing to fight for their future, today we would be facing more of the same.  That Barak Obama is an African American is of course monumental.  He is the realization of the dreams of all African Americans represented so eloquently in the words of Martin Luther King.  (I encourage us all to read his “I have a dream” speech in its entirety today).  But Barak Obama represents the realizations of the dreams of all young Americans and most Americans of all ages.  He represents hope in all its guises.  Hope that transcends color, religion, nationality and wealth.

Our parents and grandparents created a world of hope and prosperity in the aftermath of the Second World War.  I believe Barak Obama’s election is a signal to us all that we can all dare to hope again.  What we do with that hope is up to us. I am under no illusions about the immediate future as the world is a little screwed up right now.  But every new day starts with a new dawn and every realized dream starts with hope.  And this morning we are indeed in a new dawn and I for one have hope in my heart.

Today I am proud to be an American.”

Thanks for that David.  I too have hope in my heart.  Change really has come to America.  Let us hope that the rest of the world will follow.

Here is part of my niece’s response.  She has just started at Stanford University:

“It was so amazing to be at Stanford last night…America still has quite a long way to go but I think we actually got it right this time.  I’m sporting my Obama t-shirt today (yes I have one and it’s awesome).

On a more somber note, Proposition 8 passed in California last night, stripping homosexuals of their right to marriage. Over $70 million dollars were spent on the “No on Prop 8” and many of my peers have spent the past 4 months dedicated to the campaign.

Clearly, even though we can elect a Black President, blatant discrimination still exists.”

Yes, change really has come to America, but evidently there is much still to do. 

The Broody Years get Broodier

Posted in Uncategorized on November 5, 2008 by laurawolfe

Natan and baby JosephNatan met a three-week old baby at the weekend.  He was very impressed with Joseph, Kat’s new baby. 

Congratulations to Kat and Jason on their adorable new addition.

On the way home, Natan said to me:  “I wish I was a baby mummy.  I wish I had a little cot like that baby.” And then, “I wish I had a baby mummy.  A real one, what talks.”

Gorgeous.  I have to admit to seeing him holding Joseph making me broody too.

That familiar work/life balance thing

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I am just back from another trip to London – this time overnight.  We were managing an event at the Natural History Museum – this event.  It went well, but it meant another night away from Natan, who had a great time staying with Grandma and Grandpa.  When I spoke to him on the phone this morning and he asked me, “Where’s mummy gone?”, he was unbelievably cute.  According to Grandma, he’s been fantastic for her.  He didn’t go to nursery today, but spent the day with Grandma instead.  She took him swimming this afternoon, which he loves.  The relationship that he’s got with my mum and dad is very special.      

The Natural History Museum is amazing.  It was full of families with young children and school trips.  It made me a bit envious that there were lots of mums and dads there with their children and I was there with work – a long way from my own little one, who would absolutely love it there.  That guilt drew me to the shop on my way out, where I bought him some toy dinosaurs, which seem to be a big hit.  I have decided that a trip to London for Natan to see the sights is definitely overdue.

I returned to rainy Manchester to find my car windscreen had been replaced (after Friday’s brick episode) by the lovely helpful man from Autoglass, but not only had he replaced my windscreen, but he had also taken it upon himself to replace my lovely tasteful understated Mercedes tax disc holder with a not so lovely Autoglass branded one – not too impressed with that.  At least the great big crack in the glass has gone, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

I also returned home to find a plastic bowl on the floor of the lounge, catching drips from the ceiling, from a fresh leak from one of the upstairs toilets – that’s another visit from the plumber then.