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Blatant namedropping

Posted in charity, fame, football, Journey9 UK, manchester, work on October 5, 2010 by laurawolfe

Okay, so it’s not Eric Cantona round my house for a cup of tea , but I enjoyed being waited on by Blackburn Rovers’ David Dunn at Celebrity Grilling on Sunday night.

Have a look here.


Journey9 is growing

Posted in business, Journey9 UK, work on October 1, 2010 by laurawolfe

We are recruiting at Journey9.

If you are mad enough to want to work with us, then have a look at the Join us page on our brand new website.  

We’d love to hear from you.

Things I have learnt this week and it’s only Wednesday…

Posted in being a mum, business, family, Handy hints, Journey9 UK, manchester, technology, thoughts on life, work on September 15, 2010 by laurawolfe
  1. If you drop your Blackberry in the toilet at 2am, do not shout, “S**t”, run to the bedroom, turn on the hairdryer and panic.  Instead…. calmly remove said item from the toilet bowl, dry phone off, take off battery, remove sim card and media card.  Proceed directly to the kitchen. Find some rice. Place phone in plastic sandwich bag, pour in rice (uncooked), zip bag up.  Put bag in airing cupboard and leave for approx 30 hours.  Remove bag and clean off rice, some of which will now have embeded itself in phone. Replace sim card, media card and battery and hey presto – good as new. Result (for me at least)
  2. I can manage 30 hours without my mobile phone (difficult and I bit all the skin around my nails, but I did not actually die so everyone’s a winner)
  3. Sometimes being a working mummy is hard, especially when you have big projects on at work and your little boy is growing up and starting school in the same week. Tomorrow he will start full time. I will drop him off and immediately jump on the train to London for an overnight, missing his first school pick up
  4. Sometimes running your own business is especially hard
  5. Sometimes I need a wife
  6. Sometimes life is just hard
  7. Oh and lastly, the weather in Manchester is beyond rubbish.

All that said, every day is a learning experience – good and bad – and as I said I’m still alive….which is good.

Have a great rest of week all.

I’m back

Posted in blog stuff, business, holidays, Journey9 UK, thoughts on life, twitter, work on September 5, 2010 by laurawolfe

It’s been two months since my last post.  There are various reasons for this. 

Mainly I’ve just not felt like writing. I guess that happens sometimes.  I’ve sat down to write but haven’t found the words.

Life’s kind of got in the way too and I suppose I’ve just not made time in my day to write things down. 

I’ve found myself spending more time on Twitter than blogging. 

Setting up the business has been all-consuming and life’s been pretty hectic.

There have been holidays too – South of France for a few days, the US (with some work thrown in) and most recently a road trip to Paris, but more of that in my next post.

I’m still a working mum. I’m still juggling. I’m still broody. I’m still a City fan.

So, anyway.  I’m back.

Journey9 is 6 months old

Posted in being a mum, business, family, Journey9 UK, thoughts on life, work on June 30, 2010 by laurawolfe

It’s been a mad, yet fantastic, 6 months.

It’s flown by. I’ve learned an immense amount. 

It’s been really tough juggling the new business with a growing 4-year-old, a husband and a home, and I’ve had very little sleep but had a lot of fun.  There is much still to do, but I am enjoying the journey (pardon the pun).  Am I glad I made the move? You bet. 

I am lucky enough to be working with a wonderful team and some amazing clients and we are hoping to be able to announce a few more in the coming months.

Thanks to many of you for your support so far and in the words of someone else more poetic than I…

“The road is long, with many a winding turn, that leads us to who knows where, who knows when.”

Who knows indeed?

That’s the fun part.

“Mummy, is this your new car?”

Posted in being a mum, business, family, work on June 30, 2010 by laurawolfe

I have finally ordered my new car. 

It will take two or three months to arrive, so in the meantime I am in literally about my tenth hire/borrowed car of the year (since mine got written off last December).

The hire car for the next three weeks is a Ford Fiesta.  (Pretty impressive car actually. I wouldn’t buy one myself but have to say it seems one of the best in its class. Anyway, I digress.)

(We get in the new rental car that I have just collected.)

“Mummy, is this your new car?”

“No darling, we are borrowing it.  Renting it.”

“Are we renting it from the shop so Grandma can have her car back?”

(I have been driving my mother’s car for past few weeks while she’s been away.)

“Yes, that’s right.”

“This is a nice car mummy. I like blue cars.”

“Do you?”


“Mummy? Are we getting the new car with the tele in it soon?”

(During the Jaguar campaign, we got to drive many of the cars around at various points and one of the XF’s had a TV in it, which was a particular hit with Natan.)

“No, darling. The TV was too much money, so we are not having a TV.”


“Mummy. When I get big I am going to buy a car with a TV.”

“Are you? That’s great.”

“Actually I know what car I’m going to get. I’m going to get a Ferrari.”

(He’s four…)



“What colour?”

“Yellow and blue with green stripes. And red. And all the colours actually.”

“Wow. That’s some car.”

“Actually I know what car I’m going to get.”

“Really? What car?”

“The one without the roof.”

(He means the XK. Another benefit of working with Jaguar.)

“That’s a great car. Mummy would love that car.”

“Well you can’t have it mummy. You can’t have the same car as me.”

(Right. Unlikely.)

Celebrating Jaguar starts young…

Posted in being a mum, business, family, Journey9 UK, manchester, media, shopping, thoughts on life, twitter, work on May 17, 2010 by laurawolfe

If you live or work in Manchester city centre and unless you’ve been on another planet, you will probably have noticed that Jaguar is in Manchester for the month of May.  

Hence my blog silence.  Journey9 is running the said campaign.  It’s been an amazing opportunity for us as such a new agency but the activity during the month is intense, leaving little time for much else.  I’ll write more about the whole experience once we reach the end of the campaign.  Other bloggers have written some interesting posts here and here.

My life has been taken over by all things Jaguar. You can follow what we’ve been up to here or here

The weekends have been especially precious.  Natan has been amazing, so much so that this weekend he was allowed to go to ToysRUs to spend some of his savings. 

He excitedly makes his way around the shop.  After a good look around, he carefully choses his toys and we return to the car.  He looks around the car park.

“Mummy, which of these cars would you choose if you could choose any of them?”

He points to an Audi.

“Do you like this big red one?” 

“Yes it’s very nice. Now shall we go?”

“But mummy, which one?  Have a look around.”

“Um…. that one.”

I point to a random silver car.

“What about you?” I ask.

“Oh mummy, that’s easy. We are getting the car with the tele in it, aren’t we.  Or the one that goes very fast.”

He means the XF S diesel complete with digital TV or the XKR that goes like the wind.  

Let me remind you. My son is four. And he already knows what he likes to drive. (He’s definitely got good taste!)

Tonight when I get home from work late (again), he throws his arms around me and tells me that he wants to marry me.  We laugh.

I squeeze him back and I remember nothing can beat being a mum.